• Virgin Skin. Dee Sanchez was the artist for my first tattoo ever as well as my second piece. He is laid-back and friendly in conversation, but fueled and focused when the gun starts buzzing. He likes to have his clients relax in their time with him, offering music and seating positions that will make them more comfortable for the appointment, not just making his job easier for himself. The main thing that made me decide HE was going to be my first and only tattoo artist, was that professionalism he brought to the chair mixed with the unique personality he has. I've received numerous compliments and questions about the art ranging from total strangers who also have tattoos to those that otherwise typically don't care for tattoos. They recognize the detail and work Dee put into each and every drop of ink. I am proud and honored to wear his work on my arm, and look forward to the day we can build on it as a living canvas/business card of his work. I remind everyone to make appointments NOW! Because when he's succeeded and made it in life - doing tattoos on the beach in Puerto Rico as an old man, you'll wish you had taken advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself. It's not every day you can wear a master artisan's work on your arm to show off to the world. #BookNow #NoRegrets #PainfulPleasuresAllDay

    Ben Pennington , Medical Supply Field
  • I cannot say enough about my experience at Painful Pleasures! I have now had two amazing pieces done by Dee, and I can honestly say, I will not be going elsewhere. The scheduling process was a breeze thanks to Lindsey's hard work in fitting me in. All the staff are very friendly and professional. Upon arrival I was greeted by Dee and was given the low down on all this company provides. The room in which I received my tattoo was very clean and comfortable. Words would not even do justice in describing the amazing details in the work I received. Dee is an amazing artist, and very knowledgeable with different tattoo techniques.

    Jaime Mikesell ,
  • Had work done by Dee Sanchez. Top shelf artist! I provided him with reference material and let him do his magic from there. I spent the better part of a year looking for someone to bring my idea to fruition. After many hours searching artists on the east coast I lucked out and found Dee. Very easy to get an appt. The artist doesn't want to become one of those that have a 2 year waiting list. He doesn't like to schedule more than a month or so out. Not sure how long that's going to last though. Dee has been flying all over the country going to conventions and guest spotting at shops so his quality of work is becoming readily apparent to those in the know. Had my first session (booked him for the whole day) on my Hawaiian themed half-sleeve in October. Scheduled my next session in November. If you're looking for a 5 star studio look no further than The Studio at Painful Pleasures.

    Russel L. ,
  • So I am writing this review as someone who did not directly receive any service from Painful Pleasures, but I did take my niece to get her nose pierced, so I am basing it off that. My niece wanted her nose pierced and we looked into a place that offered this service near my home. Painful Pleasures came up with a Groupon deal, but alas, they were sold out. Undeterred by this, we went anyway. First off, this place is like in a warehouse area, so it is a bit off the beaten path, but they do online sales too, so its understandable. The front waiting area is really cool, with an old classic car for decoration and a free pinball machine (my kids loved that)! There also plenty of jewelry and art to look at, so it was nice. Come here for the inexpensive piercings (about 40 bucks for nose), good atmosphere, and professional people!

    Rudy C. ,

    Terence Kauffman

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